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# 07/08/2010

>I have moved the site off of storm onto cyclone the Ubuntu 10.04 Server. Some functionality will not be available until they are installed and configured.

# 02/16/2010

>The PhPBB is now up and functional here http://uberlinux.org/phpBB3 . The procedure page will be added soon.


# 11/15/2009

>Cyclone Ubuntu has been up with a majority of services running with the exception of PhPBB. I will be adding that once again sometime in the near future.


# 10/24/2009

>I will be bringing Cyclone the Ubuntu Server down this weekend to upgrade to 9.04 Jaunty. Server and related services will be unavailable until further notice.


# 04/23/2009

>Created a gmail account for new contact at uberlinuxorg@gmail.com .


# 01/24/2009

>I will be performing maintenance on Cyclone this weekend so some services will be unavailable during this time.


# 01/22/2009

>Cyclone, my new Ubuntu 8 server is now online, however most services are still running on Storm.

I have completed the installation and configuration of PhpBB. The UberLinux forums are up and can be found here http://uberlinux.homelinux.org:8081/phpBB2/index.php (no longer available). Currently, only users who have system accounts are allowed to register. I plan on changing that asap. I will write the procedures and post them when I get some free time.


# 04/04/2008

>The mail relay service expired and I do not plan to renew it for the time being. Global email service will be down until further notice.


# 02/11/2008

>It has been awhile since my last update obviously lol. Anyway, Ventrilo VoIP server installation procedure has been added here.


# 03/31/2007

>The Sun Solaris installation and configuration procedure has been uploaded here. I have also updated the procedures page, archived posts from 2005, and added new links to the links page.


# 03/23/2007

>Email services have been restored and are now working properly. I am using the MailHop Relay service from DynDNS to redirect mail to port 2525. Please feel free to contact me once again with your questions and comments.


# 02/24/2007

>Email will be down until further notice as my ISP recently began blocking Port 25 inbound traffic. DynDNS has a workaround for this through a paid service. I will consider whether to implement this solution in the future.


# 10/11/2006

>The SSH procedures page has been updated to reflect the newest release v3.2.9.1. I have made minor updates in the procedures area and all system services are running uptime 99.8%. I have received several requests on how to set up a Windows Server through 2000/XP so I'll get that to you when I have time. That's all for now.


# 09/29/2006

>All mail services are now working. The Port 25 issue has been resolved. IMAP services are now running and SquirrelMail is fully functional. The SquirrelMail procedure has been posted and can be found here. I will be performing some package installs and upgrades over the weekend but downtime will be minimal.


# 09/24/2006

>I have reconfigured Postfix and it is now running on the server. Currently I can receive email but cannot send through the uberlinux domain as my ISP blocks Port 25 outbound traffic. I will fix that later. Qpopper has been reinstalled and is working through pop3 on Port 110. SMTP outbound mail will not work here either until the Port 25 issue is resolved. Squirrelmail www.squirrelmail.org has been installed but will not be functional until such time I can set up IMAP services. I will post that procedure once it's up and running. The contact link now has an email address I will receive on but realistically will not be able to respond to messages for the time being.


# 09/11/2006

>Global FTP has been restored but Anonymous/Guest access will be denied until further notice. I removed most of the content from the portfolio page. I know it's boring atm but will add useful programs, scripts, etc in time.


# 09/10/2006

>php4 has been reconfigured and is now working again. I have disabled FTP access for the time being due to security issues . SSH will be reinstalled when possible. Postfix will not be running until my dyndns account is setup for its use. All may take awhile given my busy schedule.


# 08/29/2006

>Well, I am finally back in my apartment and uptime should be consistent. I had to reinstall the OS so as far as I can see atm, the only thing not working is the php4 again. I'll config that again when I have time to do so.


# 04/28/2006

>The server was brought down sometime this morning by contractor's whom unplugged the power and all other connections. Lovely eh? At any rate downtime is unknown and it will be nice when all of this is finally over.


# 03/14/2006

>The php4 page has been updated with a more detailed procedure. Also, the php test script is now working.


# 02/23/2006

>The uberlinux server is back online but uptime may be iffy as contractors work to remodel my apartment from hurricane damage.


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